About our program

The English Literacy and Civics program ("EL Civics") at TAS provides our ESL students with an opportunity to learn practical English skills for everyday life.   Each year, our students select topics of interest (e.g. Nutrition, Employment, Diversity, Environment) to be covered in their ESL classes.  These topics are applicable in the students' daily lives, to help them use English outside of school and assimilate into American culture and the local community.  

Since 2003, we have had an EL Civics Lead Teacher who coordinates the program within our agency, including developing lessons for teachers, facilitating student assessments, and submitting reports to CASAS.  For more information on our EL Civics program at TAS, please contact our ESL Department, esl@tastusd.org, 310-972-6500 x. 8419.

To download and use/adapt our EL Civics lessons, go to the Curriculum section of our website.