Sunken Ships and Grid Patterns

Make a copy of this sheet for your work.

4P Grid City:

4H Grid City:

Copy these questions into a word document:

Finding Distances in Grid City                        Student Sheet 2
  1. What are the coordinates of you house?_ _______________________________

    The Coordinates of the school are (7,5).
  2. How many blocks is your house from the school?__________________________
  3. Who is your partner?_________________________________________________
  4. What are the coordinates of your partner’s house?_________________________
  5. How many blocks is your house forms you partner’s house?_________________
  6. Whose house is closest to yours?_______________________________________
  7. Whose house is farthest from yours?____________________________________
  8. How many blocks is your house form that house?__________________________
  9. How many houses are less than 8 blocks from the school?___________________
  10. Whose houses are they?______________________________________________
  11. Who lives more than 16 blocks from the school?___________________________