2015-16 Taipei, Taiwan


Art + Innovation takes a fresh look at art-making by introducing new materials, new ideas, new technology, and by creating an atmosphere of wider possibilities in methods of construction, problem-solving, and team building. 


Artists of the Month
Every month, 3 new artists's work are featured in Mrs. Hiteman's office.  What a positive reason to go to the principal's office!

From left to right (Mr. Joel, Mr. Reyes,  Elyse C,  Mrs. Hiteman)


The Design Lab

A new venture in design, experiment, and playful environments.
3D Design Club begins with over 20 students!

The Lab Includes:
    • 3D Printer
    • Laser-cut wooden blocks
    • Open space for free movement
    • Printer/Macs/Clean storage
    • Hi-Tech weather tracker
    • Professional photo booth
    • Film viewing space
The garden survived another hot summer!  Come by and see the stunning bird of paradise flower that we have waited 2 years to watch bloom.  FINALLY!  

Special thanks to Jessica Ohlson, TAS graduate who was our first TAS Art Garden intern.  She did an amazing job of keeping the garden alive and well.


From the Archive:

So much has happened over the last few years, please check out our archive.



The Latest in
        Grades 6-8

GRADE 6: Art + Public

Students are currently working on google sketch-up.  They are creating new spaces and familiar ones, such as the Art Garden.

Practice Sketchup.mp4


GRADE 7: Art + Human Body
Art + Photography

In the Art+Photography unit students worked on creating multiplicity photographs that effectively communicates ideas and narratives. 
Students now have access to professional photo studio equipment and tools for images enhancement. 


GRADE 8: Art + The Image

In this quarter-long class, we learn about the history of the image; from still pictures to moving ones, and then digital.  We explore 20th century art as a reference tool to our understanding of animation and film, as well as contemporary painting too.

Pixel Painting by Tristan, Grade 8

Drawing by Alex H., Grade 8

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) by Brandon, Grade 8. 
An infinite animation loop.

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