Asia Region Art Educators Conference, OCTOBER 12-14



Converting Ideas Into Action

See links for details and sign up directly with the presenters.  Most sessions are limited to 20 people.

  1. Mike Costello (ALL)
    • Creating and Clay (onsite, hands-on Raku project)
  2. Breen O'Reilly (US)
    • Bringing contemporary art into the the non-art classroom
  3. Sera Jensen (LS)
    • Art & Technology in the primary classroom
  4. Kathy Wilhelmi and Elise Chen (LS)
    • Drawing and color mixing for elementary students
  5. Joan Lueth (US)
    • Symbolism through the eyes of artist Xu Bing
  6. Geoffrey Ballard (MS)
    • Printmaking (hands-on)
  7. Michelle Kao (ALL)
    • The Simmering Artist: Open discussion on straddling the teaching and the making.
  8. Kelly McFadzen (LS)
    • Stopmotion with elementary students
  9. Judy Durkin (US)
    • Going paperless (AP, IB)
  10. Kendra Farrell and David Gran (ALL)
    • Going global in the art classrooms, online applications in the classroom
  11. Vanessa Vanek (ALL)
    • Digital collages in photoshop
  12. Brian Revermen (US)
    • Helping students understand contemporary art
  13. Katie Flowers (ALL)
    • Multi-media nature project (hands-on)

Artist and former assistant to Christo & Jeanne-Claude

Weekend Highlights:

  • Learn from your peers, 14 sessions will be presented
  • Visit the National Palace Museum, the world's most important collection of Chinese Art
  • Taipei Biennial will be showing--the best contemporary art of Taiwan
  • Enjoy several meals together (included in the cost)
  • Get to know teachers from at least 12 different cities around Asia

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Participants already registered, please fill out the:


COST: 125 USD (wiring option).  CASH can also be paid upon arrival. 

HOTEL: Suggested hotels here, 2 hotels are walking distance from TAS.  Grand Hotel is only about 10min away.


Take a "tour" of our school through the eyes of grade 8 student Joseph: an art work, he calls, "Open Me".  Enjoy!

Come see the Art Garden Project:
A K-12 Art work in Progress!

Lower school artists in action

High School Artist from Ceramics I
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