Don't forget that your selections for Middle School Days are due by Friday, March 4th to Ms. Roberts. 
You can turn in the print copy or fill out an online version here.  

Options for Thursday, March 24th can be found here:  Choices for Thursday

Options for Friday, March 25th can be found here: Choices for Friday



    Broaden the horizons of students and teachers by offering new experiences and new areas for exploration.


•    Provide opportunities for teachers and students to interact in ways different from regular classroom interactions.


•    Strengthen our community by providing students and teachers with time and opportunities to get to know more students from the Middle School.


•    Challenge our teachers and students to take risks and experience personal growth.



General Information

·       Class sizes for courses are limited.  Be prepared to enjoy your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th choices.   Not every class on the list will end up with enough sign-ups and therefore will not take place.


·       Priority is not given to a particular grade level.  Our goal is to mix grade levels.


·       Be prepared to enjoy activities different than the ones you enjoyed last year.  You do not get priority for the same class two years in a row if others want the class.


·       Most classes will have a fee, which offsets the cost of transportation, outside instructors, equipment rental, food, special supplies or equipment that the instructors will purchase.


·       Once your child is signed up for a class and reservations have been made, families are liable for paying for the class, even if the student does not attend that day. 


·       If your child is not participating in MS Days it is really important that you still turn in the form so we are aware of your plans.


·       Chaperones are needed for many classes.  Parents and guardians who would like to help with MS Days are encouraged to contact Treasea Miller.  Thank you!  ¤


Design A Community Service Day

You can design your own community service opportunity for one or two days.  Work with people from your own neighborhood or community. Make a plan and then describe it on the choice form.  

Design A Career Day

Learn about a career by shadowing a professional for a day.  Students can make their own plans with family members or family friends.  Describe your plan on the choice form.