Martlet Press is a cross-divisional, interdisciplinary program that serves the Charles Wright community and the greater community of Tacoma through letterpress and books arts education.  Martlet Press and the letterpress + book arts program are housed in the Upper School Visual Arts Center.

Imagine a space akin to the computer lab where multiple teachers and students across divisions come to play, think, and create. You might find a Foreign Language class printing menus, a Language Arts class designing visual poetry, a Theater student creating a promotional broadside poster, or an art student exploring line and texture with a linocut.

Imagine a space where the community engages directly with Charles Wright Academy. You might find students volunteering to teach the Boys and Girls Club kids about relief printmaking, the Puget Sound Book Artists Association running a weekend workshop , or students creating a collaborative holiday card project with L'arche. 

Martlet Press and the Letterpress + Book Arts program will strive to stand out to our community and region as a distinctive program highlighting Charles Wright's commitment to the arts.

Please click on the image below to see a visual map of the program's vision