Digital Citizenship a good "digital citizen" means using technology...
  • safely
  • responsibly
  • critically
  • appropriately
  • proactively
    • productively
    • civically: contributing to the digital society

A longer explanation of why I decided to use this as my working definition can be found here.  Digital Citizenship has become a large part of what we teach and discuss daily because we are interacting with technology in so many ways, and increasing our digital footprints constantly. These five tenants are ever-changing and expanding with our age, maturity and understanding. While staying safe online means abiding by some fairly fundamental rules, that looks very different to an 8-year old than it does to a middle schooler or young adult. For example, advising a child not to use their real or full name, in an attempt to protect their privacy and identity before they become a legal adult, makes sense when they are very young. By the time they are old enough to understand what their digital footprint says about them, however, using one's real name becomes essential to crafting the digital identity one wants.