I've got a lot of content on the web in various places, including a blog I co-write with Upper School Librarian Sam Harris, called Ethics 4 a Digital World. Technically... is my professional tech blog, with the target audience mainly being other educators, though parents and students might find useful things there once in a while. Links to Facebook and Twitter are both tied to Ethics 4 a Digital World, and Ms. Harris and I frequently share shorter thoughts and links to resources there. Please follow us!  Slideshare contains several of the presentations she and I have done for families at school or in the community. Diigo is the repository of my favorite ed-tech bookmarks on the web. I have created two lists, one for teachers, and one for parents. Pinterest is quickly becoming a repository for resources as well, particularly for current events and my digital citizenship classes. Vimeo and YouTube are the places I publish video projects and my screencasts for student tutorials. And if you wish to connect with me professionally, let's get Linked In!  All these links can be found on my Contact/Follow Me page.

This site is designed as a place to store student resources and help files for students, as well as a few things for the faculty.

The work I do with LS students can be found on the sites for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. Information about technology in the Lower School can be found here.