Weeks 1 & 2 - Intro to course, Media Literacy, Critical Reading and Writing
Weeks 3 & 4 - Rights & Responsibilities (speech, the law)
Weeks 5 & 6 - Copyright, Creative Commons & the free culture movement
Weeks 7 & 8 - Privacy & Security
Weeks 9 & 10 - Technology & Your Health
Week 11 - Wrap up
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3. Paste your content into the post and attach your link by following the steps below:


Credibility = trustworthiness + expertise

Strategies to determine trustworthy and expertise:
  • Reputable URL (Is it from a place you’ve heard of before?) 
  • Not a “personal” website (personal page = personal opinion) 
  • Reputable domain (.edu .gov are more believable than many others) 
  • Reputable hosting country (.ru .cn .iz etc. are questionable) 
  • Reputable “About” section. (Is the web page affiliated with a place you’ve heard?) 
  • Is there a date and author? (Look up the author?) 
  • Can you verify the information. (Can you find the information at another site?) 
Credible sites will have mostly, if not all, “yes” responses.