A History of Islamic Law and the Madhhabs
Note: This course was offered live in Summer 2017, and is now available as an online course of recorded lectures.

Course Description
In this course the students will trace the development of Islamic Law from the era of the Prophet  through the early generations until the emergence of the Four Schools of Sunni Jurisprudence. Class discussion will include:
  • Fiqh During the Era of the Prophet ﷺ
  • Fiqh During the Era of the Companions
  • Fiqh During the Era of the Successors
  • The Life & Times of Imam Abū Ḥanīfa
  • The Life & Times of Imam Mālik
  • The Life & Times of Imam Shāfiʿī
  • The Life & Times of Imam Aḥmad
  • Causes of Disagreement Among Scholars
  • Ijtihād & Taqlīd in Islamic Law

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Lectures (for registered students only)
    Topic Video
    Session 1 - The Era of the Prophet  Play video
    Session 2 - The Era of the Companions & Successors Play video
    Session 3 - Q & A Play video
    Session 4 - Imām Abū Ḥanīfa Play video
    Session 5 - Imām Mālik Play video
    Session 6 - Imām Shāfiʿī Play video
    Session 7 - Imām Aḥmad Play video
    Session 8 - Why do Scholars Disagree? Play video
    Session 9 - Ijtihād & Taqlīd Play video
    Session 10 - Q & A Play video