Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui  Profile

 Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui is one of the most well renowned scholars in North America and is a foundation scholar for Al-Madina Institute. Originally from Algeria, he is thoroughly versed in the Islamic sciences and has earned a doctorate joined between the fields of physics and Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University. Shaykh Maghraoui also possesses extensive knowledge of the social sciences, including psychology and philosophy.

His expertise of the Islamic Sciences includes the disciplines of Tazkiyah (Islamic Spirituality), Usul ul-Fiqh and the Objectives of Shar’iah. He is the founder of Zawiyah Productions and Islamic Zawiyah Educational Trust.

He is an active contributor to interfaith dialogue , but is best known for his enlightening and thought-provoking retreats and seminars that empower Muslims on their spiritual journey.

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Foundation Scholar

 Ph.D.  Physics & Electrical Engineering  2013 Founder - Zawiyah Productions 
Start  al-Madina Institute      2013 Founder - Islamic Zawiyah Trust

Senior Scholar and Professor

2014  TAQWA Seminary - Plano, TX