Imam Zia Sheikh  Profile

 Imam Zia is the author of “Islam: Silencing the Critics”, a groundbreaking book about the top objections, accusations, and questions directed at the Islamic faith.

Imam Zia was born in Azad Kashmir, a beautiful mountainous region between India and Pakistan. He emigrated to England at the age of four, where he was engaged in regular education until the age of thirteen. He then enrolled into a full-time Islamic theology program at the Institute of Islamic Education, where he completed his memorization of the Quran, in addition to an Islamic Theology course, which spanned a total of twelve years of study.

 He memorized the Quran, and at the age of sixteen, he started an Islamic Theology course, which consisted of Arabic Syntax, Etymology and Grammar, Logic, Quranic Exegesis, Hadith Exegesis, Comparative Religions, Islamic Jurisprudence of the four main schools of thought, Foundations of Jurisprudence, Quran and Hadith, and other subjects. After extensive studying for approximately twelve years, he graduated in 1994 with a Masters in Islamic Theology. He has completed his PhD thesis with the Graduate Theological Foundation.


He is a member of NAIF, North American Imams’ Federation, an organization dedicated to dealing with problems that Imams encounter, and to training Imams to lead their communities in a productive and beneficial way.

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 Ph.D.  Graduate Theological Foundation  
Start  North Texas Islamic Council M.A.  Arabic and Islamic Theology    


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