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Sex Slavery in Taiwan

Taiwan is a source of women trafficked to Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States for sexual exploitation and forced labor. Some of them become victims of debt bondage and forced prostitution. Most of these people come from Bietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. There are around 200,000 Vietnamese women came to Taiwan. Most of them are 17 and 18 years old girld. They want to escape from their country because of their poorness. Most of them marry to old man or crippled. This is not a legal way to do. In a report that tells the worst excesses of human trafficking are luring women, they are forced to work as sex slaves. If they refuse, they are beaten and their families are threatened. During 1896-1945, the time that Japan colonized Taiwan, women had been sex slaves or "comfort women". There are unlike the prostitutes, but real sex slaves. This is the issue we have to discuss in modern day.
written by Kathrina Wen

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