Welcome to the Mathematics Society!

Hello fellow schoolmates! This site was created to allow us to share resources and information about Mathematics, and give inspiration to interested students. 

Here is our teacher-in-charge, Mr. Cheung Wai Chiu:

Other teacher advisors include:

Mr Chan Wai Shing
Ms Wong Wing Kee

And below are out most recent news:

Recently added projects

Name of activity DateDetails
First AGM October 6, 2010 To let members know more about us! 
Calculator programming November 10, 2010 Let students get to know more about programming language of calculators 
Junior and senior Mathematics Olympiads selection December 13, 2010 Select abler students to join competitions 
Physics Olympiads first training December 15, 2010 To let students familiarize themselves with the competition they are going to join 
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