Boy Scout 2010-2011

Our mission

  • To encourage the spiritual, mental and physical development of members
  • To serve the schools and the communality actively by performing various duties
  • To promote the Scouts in our school

About Scouts -Story of Baden-Powell
            Scouts were established by Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, known as B.-P., who was born in London on 22nd February 1857. He studied at Charterhouse School where he began to exploit his interest in the arts of Scouting and woodcraft. He and his brothers were always in search of adventure. He spent his holidays camping, hiking and sailing. In all this, B.-P. was learning tent pitching, map and compass use, and wood-fire cooking. 

        In 1907, he led a groups of 20 youths plus his nephew and an older brother of the boys on camp to Brownsea Island, Poole, Dorset to have an experimental camp in order to test his ideas in practice. In 1908, his another book 'Scouting for Boys' was published. It was regarded as training aid for many organisations. Boys also tried the ideas by forming themselves into Scout Patrols. Scouting gradually became a worldwide Movement. 'Scouting for Boys' has been translated into many different languages and dialects. He had established an office to handle the large number of enquiries concerning the Movement in 1908. With the advice of His Majesty King Edward VII, B.-P. retired from the Army in 1910 and fully concentrated in the Scout Movement. And the Scout developed rapidly since then.

    And up to now, there are more than 30 million Scouts, including youth and adults, boys and girls, in 161 countries. 

Scouts in our school

  1. Uniform
HeadgearGreen beretphoto
ShirtBeige, two front pockets without pleats, short sleeves, with epaulettes (may wear long sleeves shirt in winter)
Shorts (for summer)Olive, two side pockets, two hip pockets
Trousers (for winter)Olive, two side pockets, two hip pockets (GSL to decide wearing shorts or trousers in winter for the whole troop)
BeltBrown, with Scout badge buckle
HoseDark green knee-high socks with turn down (for shorts)
Black socks (for trousers)
ShoesBlack, laced, plain design, low heels
ScarfGroup scarf
Pullover (for winter)Dark green 'V' neck

         2.  Activities

                           A. Mr and Mrs Tong WK Scholarship Ceremony
                        B. Annual PE days helpers
                         C. Services
           3.  Committee Member list

            Lee Chun Yin                6A Chairperson
Lee Ngok Him  4DVice-chairperson 
 Lee Hon Leung5E Treasurer 
 Chan Jian5B Secretary 
 Tusi Man Kit3E Com. member 
Chan Tin Ming 3B Com. member
 Cheung Yu Hong6C Com. member

                   4. .  Ordinary Member list

 Lee Ka Nam1A 
 Pang Wan Fung1B 
 Tang Hing Pang1B 
 Lee Chun1D 
 Lo Sheung Pan1E 
 Pan Ching Tung1E 
 Yin Ting Hin1E 
 Hui Cheuk Pan2A 
 Tang Yuen Kiu2A 
 Cheng Tsz Hei2B 
 Chan Kei Tung2C 
 Ho ka Ho2D 
 Tai Ting Hin2E 

Useful Links

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