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February 8th
Session  at 3:30 pm in the Computer Lab.   This is a hands on workshop. Bring your laptops, your projects  or use the lab computers,  your questions. and your ideas! Sign up via Email.

This is our place for asking questions and sharing comments, contributions of ideas, recommendations, and tools that work in your classroom.     Including   *Apps * Tech Tips   *Information   *Instructionals  *Sharing*

January 27, 2017 Staff PD Workshop

Interesting Apps and Web based Programs

Happy Winter Vacation!  I have compiled a few websites for winter and holiday fun to play.  Please click on the links or copy and paste in the address bar/omnibox above.  Happy Holiday Fun!

Keyboarding Checklist

This is a checklist for students to remember when they sit down at the computer and begin to type using the keyboard.
Created by Denise Boewe 2016

Techno Blog

  • Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference This week I spent two days at the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference in Manchester and came home with lots of ideas to share with staff and students. In addition to understanding the Administrative side of Google and exploring features, I was fortunate to attend a variety of workshops with tons of resources and information. As I begin to sort all that I have gleaned, I will try to reach out to staff with these connections.  In the upcoming weeks, I will be posting here on the site, sharing in emails and hosting mini workshops every other Wednesday throughout the year.  The holiday season is fast approaching, but we have been given such great weather! As we look at all the ...
    Posted Dec 2, 2016, 10:18 AM by Denise Boewe
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For students who find BBC Dancemat Typing too young or not a challenge, Typing.com  offers a fun way to practice keyboarding skills and helps to reinforce proper finger placement.  

The site is bookmarked and placed on the bookmark bar under tamworth.k12.nh.us for easy access for students.

Happy Keyboarding!

Google Tips/Hints

Just a quick reminder on saving files/folders to Google Drive.

1.  Go to Drive by the App Launcher or typing drive.google.com

2.  Click on New (above My Drive on the left)

3.  Click on Upload file or Upload folder

4.  Choose files/folders from your computer when the file window opens up and Click OK.

5.  Files will upload to general Drive folder unless you designate the folder; Folders will upload to a specific folder. 

Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

NOTE:  Please be sure to check your "shared" settings so that any files/folders you upload to Google Drive are kept private or shared with only whom you wish to share with.

Google in the News

Google Sites has gone through a major update and has changed the user interface and tools.  The initial look is easier to follow and edit as is the ability to resize and move objects.  
Some features are still going through "growing pains" and in beta, but in the coming months I will be offering workshops on the updates.  
Any questions please ask!  If you want to start exploring let me know and I can help you through the initial startup.

Share Your Ideas!

Have a hint, app or web link that works great in your classroom or on a Kuno?  Click here Ideas to Share , to complete short form and submit to the Tech. Dept. to share!