Oceanography Seminar - Spring 2018

All Oceanography 681 Seminars are presented in room 112 O&M Building on the campus of Texas A&M University. The seminars begin every Monday at 4:00 PM. Below are the list of speakers and their research interests. Titles will be added as we receive them. The public is welcome to attend.

22 January 2018
Dr. Kristen Davis
Assistant Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Earth System Science
The Henry Samuel School of Engineering
University of California, Irvine
Research Interests: Use of principles of fluid mechanics to study ocean processes and nearshore ecosystems
Title: The fate of internal waves on a shallow shelf

29 January 2018
Dr. Shanlin Wang
Climate, Ocean and Sea Ice Modeling Group
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Research Interests: Ocean biogeochemistry, marine ecosystems, Earth system modeling
Title: Impacts of Marine Ecodynamics on the Dimethyl Sulfide(DMS) Production and Climate

5 February 2018

12 February 2018
Week of Ocean Sciences Meeting - No Seminar

19 February 2018
Dr. Pedro DiNezio
Research Associate
Institute for Geophysics
University of Texas at Austin
Research: The role of tropical oceans on Earth's climate with a focus on El Nino and La Nina
Title: How early could the current La Niña have been predicted?

26 February 2018
Dr. Nathan Putman
Senior Scientist
LGL Limited - Environmental Research Associates
Bryan, TX
Research Interests: Predicting the movement of oceanic sea turtles using computer models
Title: Ocean circulation, geomagnetism, and sensory biology as drivers of  ecological patterns in marine animals

5 March 2018
Dr. Adrienne Correa
Assistant Professor
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Rice University
Research Interests: Biodiversity, community ecology, conservation biology, coral reefs
Title: Symbiont Reefscapes: Microbial interactions with threatened coral hosts and reef ecosystems

12 March 2018
Week of Spring Break - No Seminar

19 March 2018
Dr. Gilbert Rowe
Regent's Professor
Department of Marine Biology
Texas A&M University at Galveston
Research Interests: Benthic ecology, ecosystem function and structure. Carbon and nitrogen cycles, food chain models. Environmental quality and sustainable development.
Title "Primary Productivity Controls Biodiversity in the Deep Gulf of Mexico Benthos

26 March 2018
Dr. Binbin Wang
Assistant Research Scientist
Geochemical and Environmental Research Group
Texas A&M University
Research Interests: Environmental fluid dynamics, turbulent flow, mixing and transport, oil/bubble dynamics, natural seeps, methane hydrate, air-sea interaction, interfacial gas transfer, wind wave
Title: Observation and modeling of the behaviors of deep-sea seep bubbles in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

2 April 2018
Dr. Bjorn Lund
Assistant Scientist
Center for Southeastern Tropical Advanced Remote Sensing
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
University of Miami
Research Interests: Satellite SAR and shipboard marine radar remote sensing of air-sea-ice interactions
Title: Observations of near-surface current and bathymetric maps by shipboard marine X-band radar 

9 April 2018
Ms. Elise Wilbourn
Graduate Assistant Research
Department of Oceanography
Texas A&M University
Research Interests: Biological Oceanography, Impacts of phytoplankton as ice nucleating particles
Title: North Atlantic primary marine aerosol ice nucleation

Ms. Shu Ying Wee
Graduate Assistant Research
Department of Oceanography
Texas A&M University
Research Interests: Microorganisms that survive in the extreme conditions
Title: Microbial Activity and Biosignatures of Microbes in the Lower Ocean Crust of Atlantis Bank, IODP Expedition 360

Ms. Laramie Jensen
Graduate Assistant Research
Department of Oceanography
Texas A&M University
Research Interests: Trace metal biogeochemistry, GEOTRACES, colloidal metals and metal speciation, analytical chemistry, applications of ICP-MS
Title: Biogeochemical cycling of dissolved zinc in the Western Arctic (Arctic GEOTRACES GN01)

16 April 2018
Dr. Xinping Hu
Assistant Professor
Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences
Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
Research Interests: Carbon transport at both the air-sea interface and the sediment-water interface; biogeochemical controls on the fate of sedimentary carbonates, ocean acidification and its effects on calcfying organisms
Title: Estuarine Acidification - Through the Looking Glass

23 April 2018
Dr. Milena Veneziani
Climate, Ocean and Sea Ice Modeling Group
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Research Interests: Large-scale oceanography, high-latitude ocean-ice-atmosphere interactions, climate dynamics
Title: Sea-ice variability and convection processes in the Greenland and Iceland Seas

30 April 2018
Dr. Nirnimesh Kumar
Assistant Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Washington
Research Interests: Wind, wave, buoyancy and tidal forcing driven circulation from the outer-shelf to the surf zone
Title: Semi-diurnal Internal Tide Generation and Transformation in Central California: Observations and Model Simulations