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August 17, 2012 Day 3 Blog

Good Morning.   I’m about go  to bed. Calm seas and fair weather and two long acrobat tows. Great sleeping conditions for the day crew.  Some hypoxia found near the bottom inshore, dissipating quickly as we headed south into deeper water.  Eddie fixed the winch controller in the dark with wire cutters and a screw driver. He’s pretty talented.  Yesterday (my today) was MCH shirt day.  We all look pretty sharp.   Today (my tomorrow) is Geosciences shirt day – all Aggie maroon.   They had some fun with the hero-cams and the waterproof cases strapped to the CTD.  Nice clear water (think swim call).  I gotta scoot.  Time to pull the Acrobat back onboard and get to more interesting waters.  Ciao.

Matt Howard


Hello there, I guess since I’m night shift I should say good evening. Today was pretty uneventful which was a good thing. The Imaging Flow Cytobot I am using is working beautifully and I am able to see what phytoplankton and microzooplankton are in the water in all of the stations. I can only hope it continues to work this well for the rest of the cruise. I did see a few Karenia cells, but I’m not positive which species they are. I think for now I am used to the motion of the boat but we will see if the waves get higher. It has gotten bad to the point where brushing my teeth was kind of dangerous! I’ve given up trying to resist the movement and I just try to go with the motion without getting hurt. Well, bye for now.. it’s almost lunch/dinner time!!

Laura Harred


Seas have picked up a little in the late morning; still on schedule to finish working the Louisiana Bight region on early Saturday. We have seen hypoxia at several stations and along two lines (13 and 14) in the last 18 hours. We will head west on Saturday noon after refueling in Grand Isle, LA.

Steve DiMarco