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August 10, 2012. Pre-Cruise Briefing: Ruth Mullins

This cruise is part of the Mechanisms Controlling Hypoxia project and is the called MS6 (6th survey cruise) on the R/V Manta.  Mobilization in Galveston starts on the 14th and departs on the 15th.  The Louisiana-Texas shelf will be surveyed to monitor and measure the area coastal hypoxia on the shelf.  Cruise length is six days. Many members of the crew will be adding blogs entries to the site.

Participating are professors and students from Texas A&M University are Steven DiMarco, Piers Chapman, Matt Howard, Ruth Mullins, Laura Harrad, Emma Cochran, and Allyson Burgess from TAMU Galveston.

Also sailing on the Manta are Dr. Chris Shank from UTMSI, as well as Tyler and Alex Miffin, who have a TV show in Canada, The Water Brothers.  They are putting together an episode about hypoxia and will be filming a portion for Gulf of Mexico hypoxia (