Data Portal

Data management activities include the collection and archival of project data sets, remote sensing data, and sample collection forms, as well as final synthesis and model outputs. We apply a coordinated and integrated approach that ensures the highest quality possible for all facets of the program and ensures the integrity of data and samples throughout the duration of the study. The objectives of data management are three-fold: 1) to insure data integrity throughout the study, 2) to provide program management with the tools needed to monitor and guide study progress, and 3) to facilitate the dissemination of data to project scientists.

The MCH Data Portal is a dedicated website for the dissemination of information regarding the study’s objectives, personnel, and findings. The website also contains a password protected data archive for study personnel to centrally access project data. The website is active and continues to be enhanced as more data and findings become available. Members of the MCH project team in cooperation with the University of Miami also maintains the Data Portal for the Gulf Coast Ocean Observing System ( ), which is a data repository that disseminates timely information and environmental data of the Gulf of Mexico and its estuaries for use be decision makers, researchers, educators, and the general public.

Password protected data.