The Mechanisms Controlling Hypoxia (MCH) Project is pleased to announce the launch of their new and improved website. Here you will find many new features, services and resources related to the project, the science of oceanography and the global problem of hypoxia in the coastal ocean.

We are excited about the continuation of the project until 2014 with a new award from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research (CSCOR). We have planned for more than 30 ocean research cruises and expanded numerical modeling efforts during this time.

Potential students (graduate and undergraduate) interested in working on coastal issues such as hypoxia are encouraged to contact the study investigators. Collaborations with researchers in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere on this issue are also strongly encouraged to contact the project manager.

Learn more about hypoxia and the Mechanisms Controlling Hypoxia (MCH) Project.