Mrs. Heard's Class Website

This website is intended to help students stay on top of assignments.

It will be updated daily with class notes and homework. 

      Find your class link on the left side menu.

Helpful Resources: 

This site allows you to watch videos on how to do problems in our textbook.  The "Example" videos and the "Monitoring Progress"  videos are excellent resources if you were absent or you need a reminder on how to do a type of problem.   This is a site that allows you to view the textbook online.  We use "common core high school".    (select "common core high school" from menu)  This is a site that shows step by step how to do each of the odds in your textbook.   (you can also go to app store and find bigideasmath, which is a free app)

Print out the materials from the day(s) that you missed, look them over, then come check in with questions!

Looking for grades?
I use eSchool for posting grades. Email me if you have questions!

Looking for extra support?
Class time is a great opportunity to ask questions, as you have resources all around you! However, I also offer additional help outside of school to go over questions together.