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This website is designed to house documents and information pertinent to the Virgin River Southwestern Willow Flycatcher (SWFL) Collaborative, a group of agencies, landowners, and interested individuals working together to improve flycatcher habitat across Utah, Arizona, and Nevada.
Photo: USGS

Flycatcher Photo: USGS

Virgin River SWFL Collaborative Stakeholders Include:

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Virgin River
Southwest Willow Flycatcher Collaborative

Shared Goals

  • Maintain, enhance, and/or create SWFL habitat that is most ecologically and economically beneficial
  • Create a healthy riparian corridor that provides connectivity between SWFL sites
  • Meet SWFL population goals for the Virgin River as established in the SWFL Recovery Plan


  • Maintenance or creation of native vegetation stands in series of successional stages
  • May be most beneficial to work out, on a priority basis, from currently occupied SWFL sites
  • Improvement or creation of habitat in advance of Diorhabda spp., where applicable
  • Minimization of  substrate disturbance except where necessary to provide a seedbed for germination and seedling establishment
  • Early implementation/continuation of SWFL and vegetation monitoring to gauge success/failure and to inform other projects
  • Establishment of local native plant nurseries to supply revegetation efforts