Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was to learn about position and orientation. These students knew the words north, south, east, west, but had no concept about what they actually meant. I wanted to create a project-based lesson as students were bored of sitting inside and prepping for testing. Of course there had to be some front loading, but the students loved getting to create something and were quite surprised when I said we were going outside to play a game as part of the lesson!

Detailed Plan Here.

 Reflection/ Next steps
The students loved doing something a little bit different. They loved being able to go outside, play a game (that was learning based), form their own groups be in charge of making their own map. I purposely didn't hover over them and help create the maps for them, I wanted them to really own their learning.. I almost wanted them to get it wrong and for their maps not to make sense, as it would aid the discussion of the directions and positions. It did get a bit crazy having 30 kids outside all running around, screaming in excitement when they eventually found their treasure, one group hid their treasure in the wrong place so another group couldn't find it, etc, but overall, it was an awesome tangible experience for the kids to help them understand the concepts of position and direction.