This is a series of four lessons that ran on Monday - Thursday in Week 5 of Term 3 2016.

The aim was for students to learn the new concept and accompanying vocabulary around biorhythms. 

I also wanted to slowly remove scaffolding and have students practicing answering exam questions by the end.

 Lesson Sequence 9 - 12: Plant and Animal Responses
 This is an NCEA external; AS 91603. This standard requires students to be able to share their understanding in an exam at the end of the year. Students  should be able to describe and discuss numerous responses that plants and animals have to their environment, and how this links to their survival and  reproduction.
Lesson Nine

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  Lesson Nine
Focus: Introduction to biorhythms and new vocabulary

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  Lesson Ten
Focus: Biorhythm learning 

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  Lesson Eleven
Focus: Photoperiodism

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 Lesson Twelve
Focus: Answering an exam question

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