Writing Strategies

How to get students started in writing-many students stare at the blank page or get stuck after the first sentence. Using SOLO can help students move forward.

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Research has shown that when a school engages with student achievement data, understands and unpacks the literacy requirements within and between curriculum areas, and a schoolwide approach to literacy development is undertaken; student achievement rises.

The Four Stages of the writing process
  • Stage 1 - Forming intentions
  • The writer:
  • determines the purpose of the writing
  • chooses a topic and brainstorms ideas (sometimes with others in a group)
  • finds and selects information
  • Stage 2 - Composing a Text
  • The Writer:
  • selects the most appropriate content or ideas
  • writes the ideas down, structuring and sequencing content appropriately
  • chooses the most appropriate language and words for the purpose and audience
  • Stage 3 - Revising
  • The Writer:
  • reviews the draft (with guidance)
  • modifies the writing as necessary
  • attends to surface features such as spelling, grammar and punctution
  • Stage 4 - Publishing
  • The writer:
  • decides how to present the text to the intended audience, considers the need for visual material
  • proof reads the writing (with guidance) and seeks feedback
  • shares the text with the audience (Effective Literacy Strategies, MOE, 2003)