Legally Smart

Are you being Smart and Legal?

Ask yourself :-

  • What am I allowed to download?
  • What I should check first before downloading anything?
  • What I am allowed to subscribe to?
  • What I'm legally allowed to belong to( sign up for) on the internet ?
  • What are the age restrictions on sites that I want to join?


Do you know what copyright is and how it affects what you do online?
Some questions to ask yourself...

  • What is copyright?
  • How long does the copyright on an original work last?
  • What is the fair use act?
  • What is plagiarism?
  • What types of things can be copyrighted? What cannot be copyrighted?
  • What is the public domain?
  • The fair use act allows anyone to use copyrighted materials for educational purposes. What other uses are covered under the fair use act?

Some useful links

Use these links to get loads more information on these topics. answers lots of questions about this topic.

More useful links.

What is Plagiarism ?

Fair use rules for copyright material

What is the Public Domain?

Age restrictions

Do you know the age restrictions of the sites you use all the time????

If you or anyone you know has one who is under that age restriction, then you must have lied when you signed up, as it would not have let you join other wise!!

These sites do not have age restrictions in order to upset you!!!...they do it to protect under age people from seeing content that might be too adult for them.

If you check the individual sites listed here, you can see that the general guideline is 13 and over to have an account.


The minimum age is 13 years old to have a Facebook account. 


YouTube says that their site is for people over the age of 13, with some content being restricted to over 18 years before you can view it. This is a difficult one for them to mange as you don't have to sign into an account in order to view videos.


Twitter does not ask your age or gender when you first sign up.


You need to be over 13 to have a Flickr Pro account.

Google Plus

The minimum age is 13 to have a Google Plus account.


Again, you have to be 13 or over.


13 years of age or over.

Creative Commons

If you download something from the internet and use it, you are breaking copyright laws.

Creative commons is a non-profit organization in, California, United States, who want to make it easier for people to share the work that  they create. The organization has released several copyright-licenses known as Creative Commons licenses free of charge to the public. People can use these licences on their own work when they upload it to the internet to let others know that they can use it.

Online Shopping

News Stories

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What is Allowed?

These links here are to help you understand what you can and can't do with files online.
Listed here are links to the guidelines for the most popular social networking sites - if you joined one of these sites you clicked the box that said you agreed to them, so if you break these guidelines, they will ban you from their sites.
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Can I download music and videos from YouTube? Am I breaking copyright law? 
Copyright Law 
Creative Commons 
Flickr Community Guidelines 
Twitter Terms of Service 
YouTube Terms of Service 
Facebook Terms of Service 
Google Plus Policies 
Pintrest Terms of Use 
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