Design Analysis

Task 1
  • You are to complete this Design Analysis Exercise
  • Make a copy of this presentation here
  • Make sure the sharing settings on your copy is public
  • Share your presentation with the answers on into the class Google Plus Community

Why do you have to do design analysis?

On Existing Design Work :-
You look at existing design work to see what other designers have done and how they did it. 
Looking at ideas that are good and not so good is useful as it can guide the way that you do your own design work.

On Your Own Design Work :-
You have to show your thoughts and processes that you went through during the design process.
This is shown in your design work but you have to write notes with your designs that show :-
  • the decisions you made
  • why you made those decisions
  • that you understand what you were doing with your designs

You will work through the design process in all of your projects. You can do amazing drawings and some up with a really good final design but you must do your analysis at each stage in order to achieve.

Task 2
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  • You will now choose a product of your choice and write a design analysis about it.
  • Use the questions on the SOLO presentation to help you.
  • Present your analysis on a Google Drawing or Google Slide 
  • Make sure your work is public.
  • Share your work on the class community.