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Key Points Before Starting Google Plus with Students

  • The admin dashboard is set up so that all the students are put into one group. 
  • This group has, as a default, no access to Google Plus. 
  • This is so that no student under the age of 13 gets access accidentally, as the school will get in trouble with Google if they do.
  • If you want to use Google Plus with a class, send their names to your Google admin person and they will move them out of that student group. 
  • This will then give them access to Google Plus. 
  • Before you do that, could you please check on Kamar that any Year 9 students are 13 or over.
  • You can then get your students to set it up.

  • If they have not used Google Plus before, it will not appear on the apps shortcuts ( the nine squares at the top right ). 
  • They need to do a Google search for Google Plus and once they have set it up, it will appear in the apps shortcuts after that.

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