The Lion King's Face
Achievement Objectives
Investigate the purpose of objects and images from past and present cultures and identify the contexts in which they were or are made, viewed, and valued in relation to the Lion.

General Knowledge - Visual Arts

Task 2
Different techniques in drawing a lion's face

A) Draw a lion or print out template.  Or, maybe they want to draw their own lion. Give them the print-out that matches what they’d like to do.)

B) Use four colours only white, yellow, yellow ochre and brown. 
Ask students if they would like to use a male lion with a mane or a lioness. Or, maybe they want to draw their own lion.  

Adding Tonal Value

C) Add the lightest colour first.
Great for adding texture or shading tonal value or both. .... After they drew the lions face I had them choose 3 diff colours and make the hair/ lion's mane. This was ...... 8 year old and oil pastels. ...
Could even use acrylic paints for this exercise to emphasise different textures using a variety of brushes.

Task 1
Answer the following questions after you've watched the video:
Open a google document and rename it with the title: The Lion King's Face and type your name