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Initiate Design Ideas - AS91627

Level 3 Design and Visual Communication.

Standard Description

You will be drawing from observation and using these drawings as your starting point for a design problem.

Level 3 Design and Visual Communication

Version 3
Initiate design ideas through exploration.
 External 4 credits

This work is used with standard AS91630 - Resolve a product design through graphics practice, where you will be using your drawings from here as the inspiration to design a product.

What is Initiate Design Ideas

Project Specifications:

To pass this assessment you need to complete the following tasks - 

  • Research and record a range of images that interest you, use these images to sketch a range of thumbnails, explore these different thumbnail ideas and concentrate on the shape and form of your shelter. 
  • Take your promising thumbnail ideas and investigate these ideas further. You can use a range of visual communication techniques to explain the investigation of your ideas, for example – 

2D = sketching, drawing, painting, instrumental, photography, drawing

3D = Card/Paper modelling, Plasticine modelling, 3D computer modelling

note: all modelling needs to be clearly recorded through photography

  • You will need to clearly show the exploration and investigation of your design journey and how your ideas move step by step towards your shelter design. 
  •  During your design investigation you need to look at a range of different ideas.

Ways to Change your Drawings

With your design work, you can use a range of the following methods (you don't have to do all of them) :-