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Design Development

For the development of your designs, you need to :-
  • choose your best ideas to develop them. ( these will be the ones that were indicated by your client when you showed them your concept ideas )
  • be drawing your developments in 3D using, close-ups, cut aways, exploded parts drawings, details of fixings or moving parts.
  • show colour, texture and what materials it is made from.
  • comment on what possible materials this design development could be made from and why.
  • look at the ergonomics of your designs and how they will be used by people.
  • label the design era key points that are the focus of the particular designs.
  • label the main design principles that you looked at that you think apply to the particular designs.
  • list the positive and negative things about the designs as you make changes.
  • say why you have chosen the designs to develop and how this is linked to your client's needs.
  • explain what effect is being achieved by the changes you are making.

Here are some examples of design developments ...

You will also be developing your ideas in 3D in the form of models.
These models can be made from card, Plasticine, polystyrene, 3D prints etc....

Here are some examples ...

Here is an example of various elements of development on one sheet :-

Written Analysis Notes

You need to include notes with all of your design work.
These notes to cover the following :-
  • Why you chose this design from your concepts as one to develop.
  • What changes you are making and why you are making them.
  • What you think of the changes you are doing - you can state your opinion as long as you back it up with reasons.
  • What is good and bad about the designs, and why you think that.
  • The design elements that are covered in your design work - shape, form, balance, symmetry, colour, focus, etc....... Here is a link to the NZQA definitions