Client Meeting

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Getting the Information

You need to write a questionnaire in the form of a Google Form.
Use a combination of :-
  • closed questions  - multiple choice questions
  • open questions - text or paragraph questions.
Try to use a combination of both types so you get a good range of information.

   Open Questions  Closed Questions


  • Unlimited possible answers
  • Detailed answers
  • Allows for unexpected findings
  • Reveals your clients thinking

  • Quicker and easier for the client to answer
  • Easier to compare answers
  • Fewer irrelevant responses



  • Statistical analysis difficult
  • May be lots of useless information
  • More time consuming for the client to answer

  • The options may suggest answers
  • Can't provide all possible answers
  • Those with no opinion can respond
  • Clients are forced to provide simple answers

Use this link here to take you to the How To site to find out how to use Google Forms

You can either send this questionnaire to your client before the interview so they can see the questions and be prepared, or you can ask 
them the questions verbally and fill in the answers yourself while you are talking to them.

Embed your questionnaire on your 
DVC Google Site
Do this exercise together as a class to get a selection of question ideas for your questionnaire.