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Thumbnail Sketches

In this task, you are going to draw some thumbnail sketches for the layout for you poster.

What you need to do :-
  • Draw at least 6 different thumbnail sketches of the layout for your poster designs.
Do your thumbnails on paper with either a pen or a pencil.

Thumbnail Concepts (4:26 mins)

Putting your Drawings on your Google Site

What you need to do:-
  • Get your drawings scanned into an image file.
  • Upload your scanned drawings onto your Google site.

Take your thumbnail concept drawings to your DVC teacher when you are ready and they will scan them and put the scans on the Google Plus community for you to access.

Getting your thumbnails onto your site (2:08 mins)

Analysing your Thumbnails

What you need to do:-
  • Write notes with your thumbnail sketches to analyse the layouts that you have designed.
Think about :-
  • Layout, position and white space
  • Size and proportion of all the things on the design
  • What effect these things have

Thumbnail analysis (3:25 mins)