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Layout Practice

In this task, you are going to try out some practice layout designs.
This is for you to get used to using Google Drawings for poster designs, and for you to see the effects of changing design elements like size, layout and colour etc...

These are the things that have been put on a page for you to arrange in different layouts.
There is :-
  • a background
  • some text 
  • 4 pictures
  • a title

Designing your Layouts

What you need to do:-
  • Click the link to the drawing
  • Make copy of the drawing
  • Move the elements around, resize them, change the font and colour, to create your own layout using those elements.

Design elements to think about for your layout designs.
  • Layout, position and white space
  • Size and proportion
  • Font
  • Colour
  • Symmetry and balance

Layout Exercise (3:51 mins)

Try this another couple of times, creating different layouts with the same elements on the page. 
Remember to think about those design elements....

Analysing Together on Google Plus 

You are now going to put your design layout onto the Google Plus community for everyone to give feedback on it.

What you need to do:-
  • Save your Google drawing as an image file.
  • Post it into the Google Plus community for this project.
  • Give feedback on every other design layout that has been uploaded.
    • One positive comment
    • One constructive criticism  
Use this button to get to the Google Plus Community quickly.

Putting your Design on the Google Plus Community (1:07 mins)

Giving Feedback (1:52 mins)