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Final Design

In this task, you are going to be creating your final design and writing an evaluation to justify the decisions that you made in that design.

Final Poster Design

What you need to do :-
  • Produce your final design on an A3 or A2 size piece of paper.
  • Embed the final design on your Google site.

Remember to use the analysis of your design developments to help you decide which are the best parts to use for your final design.

You can produce your final design on :-
  • Google Drawing
  • Pixlr
  • PicMonkey
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Lucid Press

Let your teacher know what you want to do so the class / computers / software can be available for you.

What are you aiming for in your final poster?

               Accuracy in laying out the elements on the poster.
Creating a visual impact when you look at the poster.
Precise use of the techniques used to produce the poster.
Knowing what design elements you are using and why you 
are using them.
Effective presentation of the main features of your architect's work.


What you need to do:-
  • Click the link to open this evaluation sheet.
  • Make a copy, put it in your DVC folder and change the sharing settings to public.
  • Fill in the answers to analyse your final design.
  • Embed the evaluation sheet on your Google site.


Here are some examples from students work from previous years....