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Design Development

In this task, you are going to be developing your design work. You will also be analysing your work using design principles.

What you need to do :-
  • Use Google Drawings to produce 3 different design developments for your architect posters.

Making Design Developments (6:01 mins)

Analysis using Google Plus Community

What you need to do :-
  • Upload your 3 design developments onto the Google plus community.
  • Write feedback on other students development work that is on there
    • 1 positive comment
    • 1 constructive criticism
    • Use the design principles of colour, layout, proportion, white space, font, size, focus etc to guide your comments.

Uploading Design Development to Google Plus (0:57 mins)

Giving Feedback on Design Developments (2:01 mins)

Writing Your Analysis

What you need to do :-
  • Read the feedback about your work that others have written in the Google Plus community.
  • Write analysis on your own work, based on the design principles we have been using.
Development Analysis (6:14 mins)

You can use this sheet to guide your writing. You can use these questions to help what you are going to write on your site under your design developments.
Use the feedback from others to help you to write your analysis about your own work.