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You first design task is to think about what shapes are comfortable to hold.

Key things to think about -
Rounded shapes, smoothness of the form, size of the shape, etc....

Drawing in 2D :-
Draw some shapes that you think will be comfortable and easy to hold in one hand.

Making in 3D :-
You are now going to make some of these drawn 2D shapes into 3D, using plasticine and card.
Make your shapes life size so that you can hold them in your hand to see how comfortable they are to hold.
Photographs need to be taken of all your shape experiments, whether they work or not.
You need a photograph of the shape by itself and one of it being held in a hand.
Put these photographs together on a Google Drawing.

Analyse 1 or 2 of your shape experiments, highlighting the good and bad points of the shapes in terms of comfort in the hand and ease of holding it.