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NCEA Level 2 Calendar and Overview

NCEA Level 2 Calendar

The following is the NCEA Level 2 Calendar.  You can access the specific learning activities that a student is undertaking, by clicking on the 1201DGT link on the day (today's date is highlighted in yellow), then clicking on more details that will direct you to the 'description' which includes the learning for that day.

DIGT Level 2

NCEA Level 2 Overview

The following is an overview of the NCEA Level 2 course for the year.  Students select the first project they would like to undertake based on their preferred interest in digital technologies.  All students will undertake the Planning and Conceptual Design standards.  Some students will have the option to be entered for and undertake the Prototype standard and Technological Modelling external standard later on in the year.

NCEA Level 2 Standard Entries 2018

The following are the standards that students will undertake for  NCEA Level 2.  Students will attend Techtorium to complete standards relating to Digital Literacy, Hardware and CODE Programming

First NameLast NameTutor2565591355913569135791358TechtoriumTechtoriumTechtorium
Unit or Achievement StandardCreate a WebsitePlanningConceptual DesignPrototypeTech Modelling*Digital Literacy L2Hardware L3CODE Prog L3
Standard Value3 credits4 credits6 credits6 credits4 credits9 credits10 credits10 credits
Texas   Doctor12KPnEnteredEnteredEnteredEntered






* This standard is externally assessed.  Students will be entered into this standard during the year.