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The control room of the NZ Transport Agency's Transport Operations Centre. This is where they monitor all of Auckland's motorways and major intersections with more than 400 live CCTV cameras.

Hi, my name's Caleb and I teach Geography and Social Studies at Tamaki College. I am part of the Manaiakalani Digital Teacher Academy (MDTA). As one of 10 beginning teachers in the programme, I've been through a whole year of digital immersion, and have come out the other side as a relative expert in using digital tools to help learners achieve. 

Before I was a teacher, my background was in radio. I worked for Newstalk ZB for seven years as a producer, traffic announcer and reporter, before spending a year at The National Business Review newspaper as an online reporter. Technology has always been a large part of my life and I'm constantly excited about its potential to make our lives better. 

I have a Bachelor's degree from Auckland University of Technology in Communication Studies. I majored in television and video production, not necessarily with the aim of working in that industry, but because I love making movies. I am glad to be able to put this interest into action as a teacher (making films is a focus of the MDTA programme). Following this, I completed a Graduate Diploma in Arts, majoring in Politics, at the University of Auckland. 

Here are some examples of how I've implemented digital tools in my teaching during my first year at Tamaki College. 


Using Google Sites is a great way to give students a single place to go for everything to do with a topic. I make a new one for each unit I teach and load it up with interesting resources, activities and assessment information. 

Year 10 site - Human Rights unit
NCEA Level 2 (Year 12) Geography - Gridlock
NCEA Level 2 (Year 12) Geography - HIV/AIDS


As part of the MDTA programme, we were required to make a film for the annual Manaiakalani Film Festival. I used three boys from my Year 10 class to help me make mine. It's a film about what life could turn out like when you keep making excuses. 


Learning to use Google Docs properly has made a huge impact on my style of teaching. No longer am I confined to textbooks, and students aren't confined to worksheets. I try to design activities which are interactive, engaging, and utilise a range of digital tools. Here's an example where students use Docs and Drawing to illustrate images for Geography. 

Google Document

Google Docs have also been invaluable in providing feedback to learners. When they're working on assessments, the learners will email me to ask if I can review their work and provide them feedback. I like to use socratic questioning to probe students into thinking about what they've written. They also have the opportunity to reply to my comments and have a discussion with me. This can take place at almost any time of the day or evening. It's important that I'm available to help students when they need it. Most of the time, they need this help outside of normal class time. 


I've had the opportunity to share some of my knowledge with other teachers in our cluster of schools. I led a "toolkit" session about movie-making using iMovie, helping other teachers understand the software and how to get the best out of it. 



Google Document