• Meet the Teacher Night

    It was lovely to have so many parents join us on what was a very hot evening on Wednesday 13th February.  We value this special evening as it provides an excellent opportunity for teachers and parents to connect and become familiar with new class routines and environments.  

    For those parents and caregivers who were unable to attend, we share with you the highlights of the messages shared on our intercom system.

    • We welcomed 45 new students and their families along with 3 new teachers (Mrs Lisa Murray - Kowhai 4, Mrs Aman Virk - Titoki 6, and Miss George Glenn - Mahoe 17) to our school on our first day. We wish all of you a happy and successful time at our school.

    • Last week’s Blog introduced you to our Mindfulness for Health and Wellbeing which will evolve as a common language and practice across our school this year. Mindfulness incorporates, the concept of Gratitude as well as a number of skills such as Mindful Breathing and Eating. We stress this is a secular programme and is not meditation. Research has shown though, that with our fast paced and busy lifestyles many students are developing anxieties and shorter concentration spans. We are introducing Mindfulness as a strategy to help all of our students develop skills to improve their focus and being present so that they can improve their concentration  and achievement. We will endeavour to keep you updated in the Blog and may hold a parent meeting if we have enough interest.

    • Following 9 years of discussions and 3 referendums we are a uniform school! Thank you to our parents for ensuring nearly all students are looking tidy and smart in their uniforms. We really appreciate this, as teachers want to build strong relationships and teach rather than follow up incorrect uniform. Just a reminder please nothing should be showing under the uniform this term.  Girls hair should be discreetly tied back with appropriate black, white or the same colour green ties. On Friday’s, Jojo bows etc may be worn with Whanau shirts only. Socks should be black, white or the same green - and please have everything named.

    In the winter, warm under layers may be worn but only if they are black white or the same green. No logos are permitted. We encourage students to wear top layers of uniform to keep warm as they are more easily removed.

    A lot of students are proudly wearing their name embroidered hats.  We look forward to a reduction in the number of lost hats and remind those of you who are still interested, that for only $8 your child’s name can be embroidered on the back of their hat.  See the office for more details.

    • With our lessons starting at 8:30am our teachers need to be preparing before and after school. We will have teachers on duty from 8am.  Any child on site before 8am must join our Before School Care for safety reasons.   This also applies after school, any children on site from 2:45pm must be signed into After School Care. Families attending 3.00pm swimming lessons need to either pick their children up and take them to the swimming or let our After School Care staff arrange this for you.

    • Concerns and Worries:- If you are worried at any time please come and talk with us.  Rather than letting you or your child have a problem festering, please tell us so we can help fix the situation. Please start with your child’s classroom teacher and if they can’t help, then a Syndicate Leader or  later Assistant Principal, Deputy Principal, and then Waveney.

    • Information updates are regularly uploaded to our website and the week’s new articles are emailed in our Weekly Website Update. Keep your eye on these as it will make life easier for navigating what is coming up.

    • A reminder to our families that as part of our health and wellbeing we are a Water and Milk Only School and we are trying to keep sugar to a minimum.  Please, we ask that you don’t send sugary birthday cakes or treats to school for classes to share.  We appreciate it is a lovely gesture but it can create some pressure and an overload of sugar treats.

    • Safety for everyone is an ongoing part of our lives, so today we wish to draw your attention to a few critical reminders:

    • Peanut and nut products can cause anaphylaxis for a number of our students. For this reason we ask that peanut butter etc is kept at home for the safety of our at risk students.

    • Disability car parks are located near our  front gate and by the bus bay.  Please be aware of our disabled parents and grandparents and leave these spaces clear for these families.

    • Our Road Patrol crossing  should always be used when crossing over the road near our crossing.


    Board of Trustees - key points

    The Board is tasked to raise Student Achievement through quality Governance.This incorporates Financial and Asset Management.

    As a Decile 10 school we get the least funding possible, and are always trying to make ends meet and fundraise to achieve quality outcomes for our students. Thank you, we have an amazing school community who help us to achieve incredible things, like the Vela Pool.

    The money from our school donations are essential to keep our budget afloat and to provide some of the extra things that our students would otherwise have to go without. We encourage everyone to contribute if they are able. There is a 33% Tax refund available for all donations. Some families like to start a direct credit that goes all year and covers activity fees and camp costs as well. This can really help to spread the load and Lisa in the Office can help you with this. We have not increased our school donations for many years but this year have had to put up our After School Care price from $6 an hour to $7 per hour due to ever increasing costs. Any profit we make from After School Care goes straight back into the school.

    We are still waiting for the Ministry to produce some new classrooms for us. This is an area that they have to pay for as we already own the Library, Vela Pool, Koromiko Suite, Ponga Iti and the Shed - without these our school would be in a terrible situation.

    This year once we develop a number of plans we will be given our 5 year’s worth of property maintenance money. This unfortunately is not allowed to be spent on a new classroom but we are planning to make it improve conditions where we can.

    You may have noticed that our school is looking pretty smart with the newly painted roofs. Thanks go to Roofing Renovations for doing such a great job with this.  

    Thanks also go to the PTA for fundraising and getting us the new shade sails at our Vela Pool, following your support and participation at  the fun Quiz and Golf Nights and other activities.

    Board Elections

    This year is a Board Election Year and we have 4 positions coming up for re-election. With a number of our Board members having older students who will be moving on soon, we are seeking some new faces to join the Board. Please come and talk with Waveney or one of the Board members if you are interested. More information will be comi
    ng out about this as the year progresses.


    Mike Calvert our PTA Chairperson spoke about everyone being involved in the PTA and joining in at whatever level of involvement you are able to. There is always space to help out and any support is much needed and appreciated. We need a lot of help at our children’s favourite event - Pumpkin Night on 6th April. There is also the Dad’s Army to be involved in and the many community building and fun events the PTA run. Having a Class Rep who helps with the communication in every class is also an important aspect of the PTA.

    We are looking forward to a great 2019 year with many opportunities and successes for our students - your children. We have lots of sporting and cultural activities, camps and exciting learning that we hope will light the flame of your child and help them together - Kia Kotahi, develop into great Kia Maia ‘Can Do’ students. Please check the website or the office if you need to know more about extra curricular activities such as music tuition and Kids Clubs activities.

    Posted Feb 21, 2019, 12:51 PM by Reception @TMCS
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Writer's Corner

We are pleased to celebrate student writing with you.

This week's items are from Sam O, a Year 2 student in Tawa 19.

Click on this link to take you straight there. Congratulations on a wonderful piece of writing - well done!

  • Safer Road Crossings  Many of you will have seen our parent volunteers manning the crossings on Newell Road and outside Lil Pumpkins over the last fortnight. Our goal is to increase awareness of children crossing and to encourage drivers to slow down and be vigilant.  If you would like to assist with volunteering for a 15 minute morning slot, even as a once off, or if you have any feedback, comments or suggestions on this initiative please contact Alice van der Heyden at alice.candy@gmail.com.
    Posted Feb 19, 2019, 12:03 PM by Reception @TMCS
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