Smart Footprint
Responsible Use Agreement Questions
  1. Will things I do online be able to be viewed in the future?
  2. What content can I post that will make my parents proud?
  3. What information is not ok to give away online ?

        Understandings and Skills to Develop
        • Uploading pictures and videos; someone could download your photo, it would be out of your hands.
        • Think about how you advertise yourself online
        • Post content that you will be proud of
        • Understand the difference between private and public information
        • Share the love (interact with other people's online work, don't just expect them to visit you)
        • What information would you give to a stranger on the street? The same applies online
        • Who is asking for your information?
        • Consider future consequences; when you are older, or if older people were to see your images and history, would they say what you would like to be seen.
        • Bullying CAN be tracked.