Digitally Savvy
Responsible Use Agreement Questions
    1. When can I download, copy and/or save media (Apps, music, images, text or video) from the Internet?
    2. How do I acknowledge the source of information I use?
    3. At what age can I legally use Social Media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat?
    Understandings and Skills to Develop
    • Downloading Rules;
    What I'm allowed to download?
    What I should check first before downloading?
    What I am allowed to subscribe to?
    • Understand and follow copyright laws  
    • Be familiar with creative common licenses - know how to search for creative commons work
    • What I'm legally allowed to belong to and sign up for on the internet?
    • Understand terms and conditions before you click ‘accept’ 
    • Explicit teaching of legalities - e.g. Social Media should not be used until 13+ years
    • Encouraging children to create own work (i.e. images) rather than use others work.