Specialized Over-the-Phone, Web Video and 

Face to Face Interpretation between Japanese and English

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Specialized Over-the-Phone, Web Video and Face-to-Face Interpretation

We are a small team of interpreters in the USA and Japan dedicated to providing highly specialized, focused, and fast interpretation for operative, standard and mission critical situations. We specialize in Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) with extension to Face to Face Interpretation, and we are available either in the USA or Japan, with your Japanese Partners. We work exclusively in consecutive mode for small, fast interactive working environments, and in largely non-scripted, non-formal, work settings.  These are typically like Q&A sessions, remote training, brainstorming, consultation,  interviewing and online collaboration

Between Japanese and English 

We offer consecutive interpretation between Japanese and English, with extension to French and possible extension to other language pairs depending on your needs.

For Business, Technical Domains, Medical and Healthcare 

We work for Business needs, delivering consecutive interpretation remote or local, and for specialized, sophisticated domains and situations. We are especially expert in Medical, Healthcare and Technical settings.