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No win no fee

Have you had a trip or fall in the last four years? Dave hadn’t, that is until an unlikely encounter with a ‘No win no fee’ solicitor.

Roll Call

A short animation piece created by Raza Mallal.

JJ on a mission 
 Episode 3 - JJ on Green Party

JJ's latest mission takes him to a green party!

JJ on a mission 
 Episode - Horses and Cartwright

On his last mission, JJ learns about Horses and Cartwright.

Crossed Lines

Chris is having a secret affair with a work colleague, Layla. His wife, Jenny phones her friend Helen, to discuss her suspicions and at the same time looks for definite evidence. Jenny accidentally meets Layla in the office lift but doesn't have the courage to challenge her husband's lover. Finally, Jenny decides to follow Chris to Layla's house. Inside Layla's boudoir matters take an unexpected turn and Chris ultimately loses more than his underpants. 

JJ on a mission 
 Episode 1 - Lord Mayor

Taking on his first mission, JJ visits the Lord Mayor.

JJ on a mission 
 Episode - Ghost Hunters

Taking on a more supernatural mission, JJ's journey takes him to an encounter with ghost hunters.


Steve, very much the fanatical vegetarian is looking for the same in a girl. Online he meets Emily who shares all of his interests, or so it seems...


 "Returns" is about Alison Connor, a young discontented dog owner who has decided to make a major life decision. Set in an apartment block, Alison can no longer take the grief she's had to endure in her newly formed relationship and decides to put an end to the unbearable suffering once and for all.

Baston and Hole of space and time

Description coming soon.

Faster Kill Kill

Description coming soon.

JJ on a mission
 Episode 2 - Bradford Tourist Office

He's back again! JJ visits Bradford Tourist Office.

JJ on a mission 
 Episode - Astronomy and Sports

Learning more about Sports and Astronomy, JJ's mission is his most insightful to date.

Guns, Thums & Movie Massala

Life is a movie! Writtten By Zahoor Butt & Raza Mallal.