Licked introduces us to Emily and Steve, a couple who met on line due to a common interest in animal welfare. Steve, a staunch vegan, is rather perplexed on their first encounter, when he discovers that Emily actually eats meat. Emily know that to get her man she must change! As they fall in love and eventually move in together, her deception becomes ridiculous as she starts to hide meat all around their home. Masking the smell of cooked meat and disposing of the evidence becomes a high risk venture, as she could lose everything if found out.

Emily is becoming fatter and fatter due to gorging herself. How can she get the commitment she craves? Leaving Steve hint after hint to no avail, Emily begins to lose hope - after all, he is more interested in his animal welfare protests than her. As Emily and Steve try to work through their problems on a TV talk show, we learn the story of the relationship's demise, but can it be rescued? We will see how they will fair in this game of love, lifestyle and lettuce!

Production Stage: Post-Production.
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