A council estate family who inherit a house, in a posh neighborhood, are tested when they are forced to spend their "holiday abroad" in their basement.

When a spinster aunt dies, her country house in one of the poshest areas is left to her only living family, the Pugwalls. Hailing from the roughest council state in Gipton, the Pugwalls are delighted by the idea of their new life and the thought that they will now have a regular rubbish collection and running hot water. Donning counterfeit designer goods, the dysfunctional family attempt to fit in with their new upper class neighbors.  They however come unstuck when their boasts get the better of them and their pompous neighbors believe they'll be spending the next two weeks in Barbados. 

Unable to even afford the taxi to the airport, the family's "ingenious" solution is to hide out and have the holiday in their basement. But when flaring tempers, fires, vicious dogs and suspicious burglars finally brings the family's new social status to a grinding, humiliating halt and they discover all that really matters is each other.