Talkinglens Productions

Talkinglens Productions are providing in Leeds, Yorkshire, a range of specialist intensive short media courses. These courses have been devised to suit the independent filmmaker individually. However, quite uniquely they can also be combined as a package in that they cover every crucial aspect of the film-making process for the independent filmmaker.

Talkinglens Productions is dedicated to creating the next generation of filmmakers.

The course content is aimed at the independent media practitioner or filmmaker who seeks practical intensive knowledge in a particular specialist discipline of the film and television industry in a short space of time.

The courses will be delivered by practising media industry professionals who can not only draw upon their vast and up to date knowledge of the industry but people who are experienced and also possess a talent for teaching their craft.

These media courses will allow you to learn more about aspects of Film Production that you are interested in. They are designed to provide a detailed account of certain aspects of the film industry in a short space of time.

Courses will run throughout 2015. Please see below for more details.  

Cannes Film Festival Workshop
Monthly DSLR Filmmaking Course
Please check back regularly for more dates.
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