Multimedia Design
Multimedia is the integration of pictures, video, sound, and text to express emotions, communicate thoughts, and demonstrate creativity. In this year long course, students will explore several different ways of expressing themselves digitally by developing and utilizing the elements and principles of visual arts in a world that craves digital media in all career pathways.

This course provides the tools and skills needed to:
  • Create visually appealing, professional websites using HTML and CSS with Notepad/Dreamweaver
  • Create banners, logos, and posters with Photoshop/Fireworks/GIMP
  • Create flash animations, movies, websites, and games with Flash
  • Create digital photography displays by taking pictures with Digital SLR cameras and editing the photos in Photoshop/Fireworks/GIMP
  • Create simple videos with Flip Video Cameras/MovieMaker/Camstudio
  • Participate in a careers unit where students explore the possibilities of technology/media careers

Advanced Multimedia Design (AMD)
This course will allow students to further their knowledge of Multimedia concepts, including web design, flash programming, PHP and MySQL, etc. The course will be student driven. Students will be encouraged to choose an area of focus, learn more about the topic, and demonstrate what they have learned through tangible products (websites, animations, etc). This class will be project based and students will likely have no tests.  Students are expected to spend all their class time learning and applying new knowledge.

In Advanced Multimedia Design, students will:
  • be expected to become self-directed learners, complex thinkers, and quality producers. 
  • For a good portion of the course (and the student’s grade), students will be required to identify an area of interest to purse an in-depth, self-directed study. 
  • Students will be asked to keep a learning log of their journey to learn about the topic and will be expected to produce a tangible, quality project to show their gained knowledge. 
  • Additionally, students will work on projects assigned by the teacher to broaden their knowledge of Multimedia.