Tilting at windmills?

I want to represent your interests

I am not a prior member of the (ISC)2 board.

I have no connection to any sitting board members.

What I am is concerned;

I'm concerned about the perception that certifications are for those fresh and new to the field, rather than to validate work experience and the knowledge and wisdom gained through that experience

I'm concerned about members being censured or threatened with legal action simply because they presented valid security research in a public forum

I'm concerned that attending events that are widely recognised as valuable opportunities for learning by the industry at large may be seen as grounds for citing a member for violating our code of ethics

I'm very concerned that more and more of us seem to be reluctantly certified

In short, I'm concerned that our certification is becoming devalued, both in the eyes of the membership and in the eyes of industry.

I want to bring value back

I believe that we are at a point where we need to revalue the certifications.

I believe we need to educate employers and recruiters as to what being certified means.

I believe that members need to be free to present legitimate research and attend industry events without the spectre of an ethics complaint hanging over them.

I believe that it is independent candidates like Seth Hardy, Rolf Moulton, Wim Remes and myself that represent our best opportunity to bring back value.

This is, in a nutshell, my platform.

I also strongly believe that the membership knows what it needs.

I don't believe that I know everything that concerns my fellow members; if you have concerns that you feel should be a board priority, comment here and let me know them.